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Month: January 2013


I am feeling really well.  The sinuses seem to have finally cleared up. Sunday night was the first night I was able to go to sleep without taking something for […]

Video during Bakersfield

David Weary: Kristi Ruble @ 8 seconds: Eric and Cade Ruble Ervin Velasquez (in the middle) in a battle for 2nd place Caleb Schroeder Branden Eshrati @ 10 seconds:

Chasing a PR….

I headed down to Bakersfield this morning for my 7th Bakersfield Half marathon. In 2009 and 2010 I ran both halves of their 2 Halves make a Whole Half Marathon. […]

Fun and Games

I am tapering this week, maybe a little extra due to my cold and twingy left side….. So, today I coached my kids rather than run with them. I sent […]

Santa Claus!

Some time ago, I recall, I reading Karl’s blog and he said that he preferred running late in the evening to running early in the morning. Well, I got to […]

Easy day today

This morning I ran an easy 5 with Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct. This afternoon I was feeling lazy and almost did not dress out to run with my […]

5 x 2K Intervals….

This evening was the weekly Tuesday Night HDR Track Workout. Last week we had a big crowd, tonight, not so much. Perhaps our current cold snap has something to do […]

12 mile trail run

This morning I joined the HDR LA Marathon training group for their weekly long run. It just so happens, that Steve – the leader likes to run these at least […]

Easy Day….. mostly

I am on my 3rd week of Christmas break. I have agreed to meet the Hillview kid’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week at 8 am at Marie Kerr Park. […]

Marathon pace-ish day

It is very windy out there this afternoon. But, I really wanted to try to run a few marathon pace miles. The problem with trying hard efforts on windy days […]