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Strength Workout

Today, I did what Clay did. You can read his blog here …    Just not as well as he did….. nor as fast..

Quoting from Clay’s blog: “WOD split-40  500 m Ski erg 1:58 (mine was slower – 2:07?)  20 TRX pullups (at a less steep angle than Clay, I am sure), 20 Ball slams, 20 val slides each leg, 20 pushups.  (I did the pushups before the val slides – big mistake – almost could not finish them due to fatigued arms.) Total time 5:06  (mine – 5:57) Then did outside bandpulls with Dale (I did them with Clay) and 22″ (18″?) jumps 5×5  followed by single leg 22″ (18″?) stepups 15×3 each leg then repeat of Ski Erg 500m 2:00 (2:05?) and 20 reps of the other half of WOD split 40  5:03 total. (5:27)”

As I write this and try to recollect the times and heights, I am finding it funny that I cannot remember exactly what they were. Especially the two ski erg times. This is even more funny after posting about all the math computations during my run yesterday. I guess being able to calculate and keep track of some calculations is not the same as remembering them a few minutes or even a few hours later. I bet Clay knows my ski erg splits. If Chuck had been there I bet he would know them as well. I have often been impressed with both Chuck and Clay and their ability to calculate running splits, running paces and remember them during and after a workout….

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  1. I may be good at calculating splits and pace during workouts, but I could never do the math that you did on your 20 miler.

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