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Another Long Day…..

This morning I met Clay, David, Sara and her friend Sarah at San Francisquito once again. We did a 12.5 mile loop. Last time I did this loop  was almost exactly a year ago (click here)  I recall, that day, as today, being completely unable to keep up with Clay and David going up the big hill at the beginning. A year ago, it was due to my lack of training, today it was due to fatigue from Tuesday’s 10K race and Thursday’s 21 miles. As the run went along, however I felt better and better and stronger and stronger. The last 10k include a nice rolling section, a downhill, a mile and a half of uphill and then a big downhill finish.

Clay led as we started this section. Sara and Sarah were starting to fall behind. Dave offered for me to go ahead of him, but I declined. The two of them started to pull away. Then I thought to myself, that I did not want to run on my own for the last six miles. So, I dug a little deeper and caught back up. The three of us ran together. On the last uphill, Dave offered again to let me pass and I accepted. I stayed pretty close behind Clay the rest of the way up to the crest. The last section, downhill, is the same section we finished with last week. Dave ran away from us, then. So, today, with a little bit of a head start from the uphill, I just accelerated over the hill to see if I could stay ahead of Dave on the downhill. It turned out that he paused a while at the top, so I ended up cruising down to the cars on my own.

Now, what made the DAY, so long though was not the miles on the trail. When I was finished I headed over to a friends house to help him move. The good news was that I was already so late that they had loaded the truck without me. The bad news was that we unloaded it, and went back and loaded it up again, then unloaded it once more. We finished the second trip at around 5:20.  Christian is now Clay’s neighbor. Clay, if you make left out your front door, cross over L8, make a right and the first left onto Hickory Glenn you will find Christian’s house to be the 4th or 5th on the left. I am thinking that we may have run right by it on our way back from our Hill Repeat workouts we have done from your house…..

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