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The Proof is in the Pictures

Isn’t that supposed to be pudding?  I wonder where THAT expression comes from….. but I digress…

The other day I posted my 10K race report and claimed that I was ACTUALLY leading at the half way point!  I have received numerous comments, emails and texts of disbelief (not really).   The race organizers, have come through, though and posted hundreds of pictures on their facebook page.  Now I finally have the proof (that I didn’t really need.)

393075_10151645428432178_449924783_n Here I am running in the lead with another obviously MUCH younger guy.  Now, I know that THIS picture does not really show me winning, but after we came down from this hill I had a couple of steps on him…. really….,

Early in the race a couple of youths took the lead, followed by the guy in yellow, then me.


68633_10151645419252178_350094431_nUnfortunately, by the end of the race, not only had the guy in yellow pulled WAY ahead of me, but this young lady got by me as well.

400166_10151645428732178_1035399816_nFinally, I have gleaned a few other pics from the race that show how beautiful the setting was, how steep and big that one hill was how it was too cold to hang out in wet racing clothes afterwards ….

63686_10151645428197178_63761745_n 196994_10151645429817178_411886567_n 394961_10151645428207178_170659495_n 418024_10151645429977178_1419603211_n 553173_10151645441012178_686694727_n 602683_10151645419242178_40943983_n 602816_10151645428082178_679216862_n 735202_10151645489187178_1905230958_n 734750_10151645496247178_1044840868_n



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