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Tuesday Night on the track…..

For a little longer than usual!

First, I need to report on yesterday.  I met the Hillview kids at Marie Kerr Park. We did 2, 1 1/2 mile loops, at recovery pace. Then we split into teams of 3 for some partner tortures.  My team included Fritz Vienne (young man who helps with the Highland team and older brother of one of my boys- Jason) and Jennie Smith. I ran first. The run was once around the playground, over the two picnic tables, through the play set, down the curly slide and back. Herschel led but he took off the wrong way, the other team followed him. I went the correct way and ended up being the first down the slide. Slides, at 8 am on a winter morning can be VERY slippery! It was covered with a layer of ice! I went down so fast I flew off the bottom! Good thing playgrounds are filled with soft landing surfaces! What fun!

Tonight I went over to Joe Walker for the HDR track workout!  We had a big turnout. I figure that there was 15 to 20 of us out there! The workout was 10 x 90 seconds. Out (counterclockwise) 90s, 1 minute recovery, 90s reverse direction (clockwise). 1 minute recovery, repeat, etc.  At the end of the 10th rep I instructed everyone to do their cool down. I took a 3 minute recovery interval and started my own second set. So, I did 10 x 90s, twice!

On the very first interval I finished a lap. I intentionally held back thereafter. The goal was to do these at 5K pace, not faster. Even still I was coming up just about 5m short of a full lap. I figure I was doing a consistent 6:12 pace. On the very last lap of the second set I let myself take off a bit. I hit 200m in 42. Coming off the last turn there was a crowd of soccer people in the first few lanes with their back to me. I had to veer all the way out to lane 5! Still, I finished the lap in 86s!

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