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12 mile trail run

This morning I joined the HDR LA Marathon training group for their weekly long run. It just so happens, that Steve – the leader likes to run these at least partly on trails. We started at P12 beside Highland High school. The only participants were Steve, former student Branden Eshrati and myself. Branden and I pulled ahead on the first big hill but Steve stayed close behind. When we reached the place where the trail crosses the abandoned construction, Branden started to struggle. Steve and I ran the rest of the way of the Bunny Hill (Margo Hill) and down to 60th. I did not follow Steve’s choice of path’s exactly so I zigged and zagged a bit and got in just  a little extra distance.

We hit Steve’s goo and water stash. The water was partly frozen! Oh, I forgot to mention that it was probably about 25 degrees as the run started at 8 am. We headed back a little ways and found Branden and then returned with him to the stash. We all started back together. Going up, I chose my more serpentine route and made a couple of choices that added quite a bit of distance. I made my way back to the assigned route as the trail picks up on the southern ridge. I saw Steve go by a minute or two ahead of me and I assumed Branden was in between he and I. I followed the trail back and found Steve but Branden was missing. It took a while, but he eventually showed up having taken a wrong turn coming off of the Bunny Hill. There are lots of trails back in there but if you keep your wits about you, it is not too hard to find your way out. From any ridge you can see the construction and if you go to the construction you can just follow the pave roads downhill. They tie together and lead back to P12…  All in all I did 11.7 miles which was just right. since I did 9.3 yesterday.

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