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5 x 2K Intervals….

This evening was the weekly Tuesday Night HDR Track Workout. Last week we had a big crowd, tonight, not so much. Perhaps our current cold snap has something to do with it.  I have not looked up the temperature this evening but it was cooler than last week. But, I did not feel it to be bad.

The workout tonight was a repeat of the workout we did on November 27. I assigned the hearty soles who did show up to run, 3 times 7 minutes with 3 minute recoveries.  My own personal goal was to run 5 repeats of 2000m at 6:40 pace (5 laps) with about 1:30-1:40 recovery.

  • Rep 1, Justin Koo heads out with me and helps me set the pace. We hit the first lap just a tad fast-1:37. Rick, (been out 3 or 4 times now with his wife.) was right behind us. Joe and Kathy Diorio, Michelle, Rick’s wife Darcy (?), Claire and Desi (2nd week, working on his sprint speed) were out there as well. For Justin and I, laps 2 and 3 fell a bit behind, but I kicked in lap 4 and got back on pace. I yelled time at 7:00 minutes. Justin kept with me though and we finished the fifth lap right on pace – 8:20.  At 10 minutes we started rep #2.
  • As we got started on Rep 2 we were pleasantly surprised to have Miguel run up beside us. Miguel was not interested in running out ahead of us, he just kept pace with Justin, Rick and I. The first lap was a bit quicker, and then we held the pace the rest of the way through – 8:17. (Rick dropped out of each rep after 7 minutes)
  • On rep 3 we started even quicker 1:35 and stayed on pace the rest of the way – 8:16  Justin, who is back for only the 2nd time after a long lay off, was starting to fade just a bit on this one.
  • Only Miguel, Rick, Claire and I headed out for rep 4. Miguel ran by my side and we trimmed another 2 seconds off the total time – 8:14.
  • Miguel, Rick and I headed out one last time. Lap one 1:33. I kept pushing a little bit. I noticed that 1000 m took exactly 4 minutes. The mile went by in 6:29 and the 2000 took us 8:05.

I am really happy with the workout. The total time for the 10K was 41:12! 18 seconds faster than the previous workout.

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