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Easy day today

This morning I ran an easy 5 with Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct. This afternoon I was feeling lazy and almost did not dress out to run with my kids. I went ahead and ran anyway – nice and easy.  I focused a little more on the back of the team and making sure that they were still running. After our run I did a set of abkillers with the team.

As we were stretching, I admitted to the kids that I had not really wanted to run with them today, and I thanked them for getting me out there. One boy asked if I usually run because I want to go run or do I run because I have committed to do practice. I said yes.  Sometimes I am eager to go run and sometimes I run because it is time for practice. One thing though, that I have known for a few years, I have never once finished a run and said to myself, “Gee, I wish I hadn’t gone running today.”

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