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Fun and Games

I am tapering this week, maybe a little extra due to my cold and twingy left side…..

So, today I coached my kids rather than run with them. I sent them out to run figure eights: out the back gate around to the front via Rancho Vista Blvd, through the middle of the school, out the back gate clockwise around Rancho Vista Elementary School. In through the front gate again. I waited inside the back gate for fun and games. I took an index card and taped it to a basketball pole. I brought out two dice. One die was silver and the other die is white.

As the runners arrived from each loop they would have to roll the dice.  If the silver die came up one they had to do Burpees, two was sit ups, three was lunges, four was jumping jacks, five was stair climbers and six was “keep running.” The white dice told them how many reps. 1 for 10, 2 for 20, 3 for 30, 4 for 4, 5 for 5 and 6 for 6. It was quite fun, especially for me. Two boys,Thomas and Leo were running in the lead. One gets a 6 and gets to keep running. The other gets 30 lunges!  Next time by, Thomas had to do 20 situps. Leo got 5 jumping jacks and regained the lead….. Like I said. it was a lot of fun…… especially for me.

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