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I am feeling really well.  The sinuses seem to have finally cleared up. Sunday night was the first night I was able to go to sleep without taking something for congestion. I am feeling like whatever held me back Saturday has save me some stress on the legs. They are not feeling like I raced a half marathon….

Still, I rested on Sunday and Monday. Today, I let the kids do a partner interval workout. This is where they run laps with a partner, jogging across the infield to meet their partner. Since I was not running, I was able to yell, goad, prod and do whatever I needed to encourage the kids to go fast! They had a nice workout. One of them asked if they could do a wheelbarrow race up the hill. Of course I said yes. Then WE all did a set of ab-killers for a full minute per exercise.

In the evening I headed over to Joe Walker. The crowd was down a bit:  Desi, Joe, Kathy, Justin Koo, Joseph, Claire, Krysti Ruble, Brock Ruble…. I feel like I am forgetting somebody….

I promised Desi, who’s goal distance is the 400m, that he would like tonight’s workout…. We did my Sweet 16 workout.  I think everyone enjoyed it. I felt pretty good throughout it. After the drills and running we added a 40 second set of ab-killers.

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