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Too much too soon?

One of the stand by adages of training is to take it easy 1 day for every mile you race to recover from a race. So, you should take it easy for 3 days after a 5k, 6 days after a 10k, 13 days after a half and 26 days after a marathon. I have prescribed this to those whom ask my advice, but I tend to be less cautious for myself – especially when it comes to 13 days after a half and 26 after a full. Tuesday night’s sweet 16 workout, would not be classified as “easy” though I did try to hold back just a little. Wednesday I ran a 5.5 mile route chasing my students up a hill – our Mt Rite Aid run. This would probably qualify as easy as I did not chase too hard.

Thursday I wanted to run 3 x 10 minutes at marathon pace doing a late night Thursday run, my companions did not show, however, and I had promised my wife not to run in the park that late at night on my own… So, Friday I decided to make up for it with my Hillview XC “Leap Frog” run.

leap frog runThis run starts with a mile and a quarter warm up to the corner you see just to the right of the “4”. From there we begin our leap frog session. We take off, fast continuing our way to 30th st West. We follow the sidewalk up and around each of the 9 little culdesacs along the way. The last runner, or group of runners is supposed to “leap frog”, or rather, skip the culdesac so as not to fall too far behind.  Usually I get leap frogged once or twice doing this depending on how hard I push the pace. Yesterday, however, I completed the 1.3 miles of very curvy running in 8:47, a 6:45 pace.  I did not get leap frogged at all. Only 4 of my fastest boys got there before I did. Once there we regroup and do the same heading back – 8:37 (6:37 pace) This time only 3 boys beat me and 2 of them had to struggle to do so. Only Herschel stayed easily ahead.

After completing this I noted that my left calf had tightened up quite a bit. It remained tight on the run back to Hillview, but felt fine the rest of the evening.

Today, I met Clay and a bunch of other HDR and Santa clarita runners for the monthly trail run.

Clay advised we not run their exact trail as part of it is somewhat unmaintained. So we ran east from Bouquet Canyon up to the top of Pelona Ridge. Clay and I turned back at that point. The plan was to add some miles west of the parking area, but my calf was still feeling tight and achy so I decided to stop after the first 7 miles we had already run.  Tomorrow, I had planned on going very long – 20 to 22, but I think I should scale it back. Perhaps it would be wise to rest it tomorrow and run a long run Monday or Tuesday rather than doing some more speedwork…..

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  1. Years ago when I was chasing PR’s I always had a hard time with the adage of one easy day for each mile raced. It’s hard to resist the temptation to push the envelope after a race. Sounds like your body is telling you that you need to take it easy for a few more days.

  2. Sorry I missed you guys. I took off at 7 and got to the parking lot at 915. Fun loop. The hills were challenging. Hope the calf feels better soon.

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