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Uh-Oh ??

After Friday’s and Saturday’s tightness in my left calf I decided to take it easy for a couple of days. Sunday, I enjoyed the Super Bowl. Monday, I did not run. My calf was feeling great though. I even discovered something I could jump upon. There is a weight bench in the garage. I moved it out into the open and jumped up onto it a few time. I also did some jump rope with a new rope my wife got somehow.

This morning I headed over to Clay’s clinic to workout with him. Things felt great. We did a variety of exercises including the ski erg. When I try to do this really hard it includes a little bit of hopping….

Tonight I headed over to Joe Walker for the HDR workout. I ran an easy comfortable mile to warm up. We did some leg swings and heel and toe walks. We were doing some easy skipping back to the start line when when the calf started to tighten again. It felt tight enough that as I explained the workout to everyone – 5 times 4 minutes – when someone asked how fast I would be going, I said I would have to try it out and see.

I made it about 10 meters. I started off and the left calf sort of seized….. my workout was instantly done. I coached the rest of the workout… The calf feels very tight. Sort of like I I had a cramp half a second ago. I have to walk very gingerly……

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