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All rested, but not necessarily


After last Tuesday’s scare at the HDR track workout I have been letting my calf and the rest of my body recover and heal. The calf was sore and had me walking a little on the slow side for a couple of days, but it was actually hard to tell whether it was the calf bothering me or the soreness I was experiencing everywhere else. The workout I had done with Clay had given me soreness all the way up the backside of my legs.  By Friday the general soreness was gone but I could still feel tightness in the calf.

The suddenness and severeness of whatever happened Tuesday had me very hesitant to try anything too soon. So I waited another day, and another….. This morning I headed over to the aqueduct to run with Chuck and Lance. Well, I headed over to say hi to Lance and to run with Chuck.  Lance is getting too fast to actually run with, but that is another story.  Chuck and I ran nice and easy northwest on the aqueduct. It felt like there was a knot or something amiss in the calf, but it did not hurt. As I approached the 1 mile mark, however, I could feel it starting to tighten. I told Chuck I was heading back. I made it another 100 meters heading back before having to quit running and start walking. There was no sharp pain, but the calf was getting tighter and tighter and I did not want another repeat of Tuesday. As I walked I thought maybe I was being too cautious. I tried to run a couple of times but it just did not feel right. So I walked.   It was a good thing I turned back after only a mile, I would not have wanted to walk much further while wearing running clothes (shorts, a couple of shirts) at a sub freezing temperature.

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February 2013


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