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Running with the kids

It was a little on the cold side, and pretty windy…..

I opted for core and strength conditioning for the kids and myself today. I have a drill/game we do called partner tortures. We work in teams of 3. One person runs, one person does an exercise and the third person rests. When the runner returns from the run, the exerciser goes off to run and the person resting exercises.  I varied the length of the run and the type of exercise. It turns out to be a good workout and it turns out to be fun.

The calf seems to be 100 percent. I have not felt a twinge or ache or anything there for 5 days or so.

The glutes/ hamstrings seem to be pretty tight though and, after Saturday’s 12 miles there has been a little twinge in the left knee – which seems pretty much gone today…..

So, I had a minor strain in the calf and I have my ongoing battle with tightness along the posterior chain. Whether or not there is a knee issue remains to be seen.  Mentally, though I am wondering what to do. I am registered for LA and for the Mountains to the Beach Marathon. I am not sure how hard I want to train though, I think I enjoyed the two weeks off a little too much…..

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  1. take it easy for a month, run LA easy as training for LD-50 rebuild the base in April while training for LD-50 along with renewed strength training and stretching then ramp up the speed in May. Sometimes the body say’s stop abusing me I need a break.

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