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A couple of workouts…

Thursday, 2/21

I met Clay at his clinic at 6 am yesterday for a strength workout:

  • 10 minutes cycle warm up
  • 500m ski erg in 2:09
  • 20 (hey Clay, what do you call those leaning pull up things with the Bands?)
  • 20 Ball Slams, 20 Val Slides and 20 pushups…. maybe I only did 15 push ups.
  • 500 ski erg in 1:59
  • all that other stuff again (with the full 20 push ups) total of 6:42 including the 1:59 ski erg.
  • 2 sets monster walks and band walks
  • 1 lap forward, then backward inchworm
  • 4 laps forward and backwards pulling Clay across the room and trying to resist Clay pulling me across the room (which almost as hard.)

At 8 pm I met Karl and Eric for a run in the dark in the park. We are going to try to make a regular habit and perhaps an actual weekly club run of this weekly meeting. It is pretty nice running this late. The wind typical subsides a bit when the sun goes down. The park has a nice variety of paths and all of it is lit. Security is there in the parking area.  We did a total of 8 miles. Justin joined in for most of it. Mid way through the run I decided I wanted to do a half mile threshold run so I picked it up and did the half in 3:22.  We ran an easy half and then did a full mile in 6:45. The remainder of the run remained “easy.” I put easy in quotes though because Karl and Justin tend to chat and the pace gets quicker little by little. We got used to it though. The last couple of miles ended up being marathon pace.

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