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Snow Day!

Clay, Karl, David, Eric and I met at Lake Hughes Rd this morning for a little trail run. We headed west from the road for 8 miles and then turned and ran back. Garmin says that we gained 1900 feet heading out. We started at 3060 ft and turned around at 4960 ft elevation. Karl, ran away from the rest of us. He turned around at the same point. We can verify this because there was snow on the trail and his foot prints ended. (It is actually pretty amazing that each of our gps watches measured 8 miles of trail running within 50 feet of each other.)

My upper legs, quads, glutes and hamstrings, were sore and tired before I began. Thursday morning’s workout with Clay and Thursday night’s run had did me in. So, I struggled on the uphills. Clay pulled ahead. Eric and I ran together. Dave was behind (fighting a cold) but when the trail leveled out he caught up with us! At 7.5 Dave turned back but Clay, Eric and I proceeded into the snow for to get to 8. Actually, there were few spots that were deep enough to be challenging. It was a very nice, even though quite tiring, run.

Eric, by the way is looking pretty good. At one point about 5 miles into the run I dropped my water bottle. He went by as I paused to pick it up and have a drink. He moved along very well and I was not able to catch him for awhile.

Clay, brought his camera and shot this awesome video during the run. Thanks for sharing Clay…..

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