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Achy knee… running okay?

Last Saturday I ran 16 miles in the hills and was pretty beat up by the time I was done. Sunday my left knee was somewhat achy. It was not enough to make me limp, it was just achy. I rested it Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I headed over to Joe Walker for the track workout. It was pretty bad on the warm up and I almost quit there. As the speedwork started, however, it loosened up and felt good.  I had a good workout – details below. Wednesday it was a little achy again so I rested it. Thursday I ran with Karl and it was not too bad getting started. Once again it felt okay during the run and I had a good workout.  Today I tried to run with the kids and quit after half a mile because it did not feel like it was going to behave….

Tuesdays workout? 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1  Once again – these are intervals based on time. On the first 3, I finished a lap in 92 seconds and 2 laps in about 3:06.  On the two, my first lap was 88 seconds and I completed around 540 meters. On the one, I finished 270 meters or so.  On the next two sets I was just two or so seconds slower per lap. By the third set I was tightening up and feeling done.

Thursday I ran with Karl at 8 pm at Marie Kerr. We just ran laps around the park. It was an “easy run” that just got a little bit quicker and quicker as it progressed. I noticed as we were reaching 6 and 7 miles that the pace was well under 8.  I completed almost 9 miles at a 7:57 pace.

So, I got in two really good workouts, but nothing in between…. I hope I feel okay to run 18 or so in the hills tomorrow.

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