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Got off my lazy ……

When I feel I am too hurt to run or when things are just not feeling right, and I skip a run, I tend to replace my endorphin rush with a sugar (or other not so healthy food) rush…. So, two weeks off followed by running 3 days a week instead of 6, I have been bad…..

Today, I wanted to go for a run after school, but the staff meeting went a little long and I forgot my Garmin. I got changed but then I just drove home….  Sitting at the computer a couple hours later I was feeling fat and lazy. Cheryl was just about to be busy tutoring so I put the running clothes back on and headed out the door. Years ago, when I did the majority of my running on my own, in the evening, I usually ran right out my door. I had an 8 mile VERY HILLY route in my neighborhood. So that is what I ran. The knee was a little cranky for about a half mile and then it loosened up and felt okay. I even pushed the uphills.

I think 8 miles is the ideal length of a run in terms of noticing a “runner’s high”.

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