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What to do……

First, this morning I did go and have a nice workout with Clay. I warmed up on the bike. Then I made a house shape, with a chimney on the stair master. That is, I made it go faster and fast till I maxed it out, then I stepped it down. But, when it was almost back to the starting level – 8, I surged it back to the top for a couple of cycles.  A minute or so is all I could do at max.  Clay says he did 20 minutes at max after I left….. wow….

We also did some of the usual band walks, val slides, ski erg. pulling each other across the parking lot….

I noticed on the val slides just a slight twinge in the left knee so I aided myself with my arms a bit.

I don’t think the knee is a major deal at this point, but because it is the knee and you hear so much about people and their knee problems, I am a little worried.  The last couple of weeks it has had good days and bad days. But even on a good day I typically feel it for awhile warming up. Saturday was probably the best it did.  Monday it took a little more than half a mile before it felt okay.  By 3 or 4 miles it felt fine.  Tuesday it took the whole mile warm up on the track, but when I sped up to marathon pace it felt okay…..

All this has me not so excited about running LA…. I wonder if it would be wiser to take some time off and see if it completely goes away. Let’s see…..

  • If I were to not run for 2 or 3 weeks, and it were to heal, I would miss the LA Marathon, but I would be in a good position to ramp up for Mountains 2 Beach and for a fun rest of the year of racing. 
  • If I were to continue my lighter load of running, but not run LA, it may heal – quicker? slower? I don’t know.
  • If I run LA as a long easy run, and I do no further damage, it would still be moving toward healing I suppose, and I would be in a real good position to prepare for M2B….. as long as it behaves.
  • If I run LA a little faster, I could possibly BQ. I only need a 3:30, which is 8 minutes per mile….

I don’t know…… WHAT TO DO?

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  1. By running hard you can always make things worse. By running easy you can give yourself a needed break. Some elites actually take a month off and do very little running. I always think that hitting the reset button is a good thing even if you don’t run for an extended time.
    I like being all around fit, the SM maxed out for me is like a tempo run, HR is only into 140’s I can actually do it for 40+ minutes. It allows me to take off on my mtn or road bike and contribute to overall fitness without getting sore. When I can run hard again I will back off on the Ski Erg and SM and strength and use them to supplement training instead of being the focus of much of the training. They are nice to have when you are injured as even though I am injured I am probably in the best shape I have been in a long long time.

  2. You have a tough decision. Being one of those people with knee problems i can definitely tell you that it is not something to take lightly. Unfortunately there is no way to know how your knee is going to behave during or after running 26.2 miles. Best Wishes!

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