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Getting Good at Google Spreadsheets…..

I have been tabulating the HDR points on a very big google spreadsheet. I sent the link out for people to check it out months ago, but I am not sure if anyone ever looks at it. So, I started to copy and paste the top scorers on facebook and into HDR emails…. The process took some work though. In order to enter points in the spreadsheet, I need the names alphabetical, so I can find people. Of course, when I want to see how it is going I have to sort it by points, then sort it back. It is a pain. If you go to the big spreadsheet you can see what I mean.

Today, I figured out a better way. I found a cool function called sort, that will take a block of data from one page and copy in onto another page after resorting it. This function would not work with headers, so I found an “import range” function. The first page you see in the big spreadsheet has all the data and it is sorted by name. There is a hidden second sheet that automatically imports all this data without the headers, then a hidden third sheet that automatically takes the data from the second sheet and resorts it by highest score, and highest tiebreaker score. Finally, I have a visible 4th (2nd from your point of view) sheet titled top scorers that imports the top 50 scorers from the previous sheet into a new simplified header.

This 4th page is then “published” by google docs and is now included as a page of this blog.  Click points contest leaders on the header above.  The cool thing is that if I change one score on the first page of the big spreadsheet, it automatically updates all the way to my blog.  Our HDR web guy, Christian will work within the next week or so to make the points contest a separate page with a major link on the HDR web header. This top 50 automatically updated worksheet will be embedded there, as it is in this blog….. pretty cool!

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