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Think I will go ahead and….

run LA!!!

for the points if for no other reason!

It dawned on me that I was considering wimping out of the marathon and in doing so I was turning down 5 points. I don’t have to run fast for the points, I just have to finish. So, I think on Sunday I will join 25,000 of my closest friends for a nice long run!

With all the business of the weekend I never got a run in! So last night I asked my wife to drop me off at school and thus force me to run home, but this morning I remembered I had an appointment with Dr. Smith (he is a chiropractor whom I see on occasion, and if I get in bad enough shape he gives me referrals to go work with Clay.) When I have strains and such he uses cold lasers and ultrasound therapies. I am not sure how effective they are but, well, something sure worked on that calf strain!  But I digress, since I had an appt with Smith I could not run home from school. I squeezed a couple of visits to Nutty Runner sponsors between school and Smith’s to give out shirts and collect checks. I had not time for a run.

So, I emailed Karl and sure enough he was up for an 8 o clock run. We met at the park and ran 8 miles worth of laps. I was kind of thinking that I would like to run at BQ pace (sub 8) and that is just what we did. It felt pretty relaxed and very conversational the whole way. I could feel the knee just a bit from time to time. I noticed that when I concentrate on staying on the forefeet I feel the knee much less.




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  1. You want to run LA…. cuz you want to run, catch up, and fellowship… with tired old Dave who only needs a 3:55 to BQ!…. but we can do better!

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