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Not so sure about this…..

I have run 14 marathons. I have learned to properly fear them.  This is not the same fear you would have for a growling dog, or a robber. This more like the fear we are supposed to have of God. It is more of a respectful fear. The marathon, like God, is not trying do us harm, but if either are disrespected harm is the natural consequence.

How do you “disrespect” the marathon?  You go out there and try to run it faster than your current training and the conditions of the day allow. I am not anywhere near the training level I have been at for my previous 7 or 8 marathons. The calf strain and the current knee issue have caused me to rest, more than run for the last 6 weeks. Prior to those weeks, however, I was in super shape.  During those weeks I have completed speed workouts, some marathon pace runs, and a couple of hilly long runs – 18 miles. (Writing that last sentence has given me a little more confidence.)

My last two runs, however, have not been exactly pain free.  Yesterday I ran with the Hillview kids from Hillview to Jamba Juice. I felt great at first, and then the knee issue came up. But then after a mile or so it felt better again. As I stopped at one of the lights however, I noted that the whole joint seemed a bit stiff. If I lifted and bent the leg, perhaps it was a little bit swollen.

So, I am no so sure about doing this LA Marathon tomorrow. But my physical therapist will be right there running it with me. Neither of us have a time goal to beat. I am going to carry my phone. Maybe even take some pictures along the way. I am hoping it will be fun and I will recover from it very quickly.

Good Luck to all the others out there with me tomorrow:

  • Lance Close and Eric Ruble – the race is on! Oooo, maybe I should sign up for text alerts on these two so we can follow their progress.   Both are 47 and both are trying to qualify for Boston for the first time! 
  • Krysti Ruble – She has been setting PRs all over the place lately. I expect to hear about another from her as she tries to break 4 hours for the first time. 3:45 would get her to Boston as well!
  • Dave Hoglund has emailed me and he will be out there too! He needs 3:55 to BQ.
  • (all of the above, btw, are  also planning on doing Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in May for another BQ or a better BQ chance)
  • Chuck Feiland will be out there doing LA for who knows how many times in a row. He is not a legacy runner, but only a few years from being so.
  • Kostane Rex and Claire Durand from the Tuesday night workouts will be out there doing their first marthons.
  • Monica Grado, of George’s cleaners, one of my long time faithful Nutty Runnes and AV Wave Race sponsors, will also be out there for her first marathon.
  • Janet Dempsey will be out there!
  • Joe Kim will be out there!
  • Keith and Laura Giles are doing it!
  • Steve Henrich ? Scott Zeirman?
  • Former Hillview runner Branden Eshrati…
  • Who am I forgetting???
  • Of course, Clay and I will be out there as well!!

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