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Patiently waiting….

Everything but the knee feels great. Everything but the knee is pretty much recovered from the Los Angeles Marathon. Reviewing the history of the knee problem for possible causes, I realize that it has been a full month with no progress. I guess that means this is not one of those things I should train through.  I hope, though that with a little time off and some stretching it will get better…..

Looking back here is what I found….

  • I took 10 days completely off with a strained calf. After 10 days the calf was 100 better..
  • The first run was with the kids at Hillview. It was a Friday. It was done spontaneously in jeans and a retired pair of Saucony Stabils.  This run was actually abunch of drills done at a very easy effort. There was lots of starting and stopping.
  • The next run was 10 easy miles on Sunday morning with Chuck on the aqueduct. I noted in my blog that my hamstrings were unusually tight.
  • I did not run again until Wednesday and on Wednesday’s post I note that I had experienced a twinge in the knee after the run on Sunday. Wednesday’s run was pretty much a bunch of short sprints. (What was I thinking?)
  • From then till LA I ran basically 3 times a week. I did some of the Tuesday speed workouts. I ran with Karl at the park a couple of times. I ran a couple of weekend hill runs. On good days the knee would loosen up as I ran and I would be able to complete my workout. Once or twice, however, it was too stiff and sore to give it a go….  The runs I completed were high quality workouts, but the miles were too few to be properly prepared to race a marathon.

So, I plan to stretch, ice and rest.  I hope it get better quick enough to get ready for Mountains 2 Beach. But if not, so be it.  Perhaps I can downgrade M2B to a half….

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