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Not yet ready for Prime Time

I went to the mall for a walk with Cheryl today (and a little shopping.) The knee began to feel achy after about 20 minutes…. It is WAY better than a couple of days ago, but I am thinking I should have listened to myself. I wondered, quite a bit, before LA whether it was a good idea to run it….  I was thinking that there was not really anything to gain, but much to lose. Not that I have “lost” much. The recovery time is taking me farther from optimum fitness and farther from my goal of a PR or at least a BQ at the M2B marathon in May.

I have found, btw, a potential fall back plan to replace M2B. If I am not ready for M2B I will skip it or switch it to a half. If all my friends, qualify for Boston and I am still looking – the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 25 will be my fall back plan.

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  1. Dale, You were an animal at LA Mara to soldier thru blisters and knee issues. I’m lookin’ forward to Boston 2014…. rest up a bunch, you have ~ 6 months to BQ!

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