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Month: April 2013

Still feeling speedy :-)

I have no immediate plans for another half or full marathon.  I am planning on running a bunch of shorter races to see if maybe I can get that 6 […]

12 “miles” BPF run

Today was the perfect day for a run in the pool Nice and warm, but not too warm. One nice thing about running in a pool is that 80 degree […]

Lots of hard work…..

My quads are feeling pretty tired this evening…. I actually think it is my own fault – those intervals in the pool on Sunday…. But I have not been taking […]

Another long(er) pool run

Yesterday afternoon I got into the pool for another longer run. I did the same pattern as last Sunday. One “mile” easy followed by one “mile” with ladder intervals of […]

Feeling pretty good!!!!

This morning I headed out to the poppy preserve to join in on the High Desert Runners’ Poppy Trot run… Wait, “Poppy Trot run?” – that’s redundant…  There were 15 […]

2 miles!!

I ran two miles today!  On the streets! Most of it felt okay! Woo Hoo! First, though as you may have read, if you read Clay’s blog, that I met […]

Clay threw the workout….

This morning I met Clay for an early morning workout at his clinic – Valley Physical Therapy.  He challenged me to 5 x 200m on the ski erg. He took […]

6 more milees

The wind has died down and the weather warmed up just enough for me to brave a pool run this afternoon. It turned out to be a high resistance pool […]

4 milees

Nope, not a typo…. Over the last couple of weeks I have made sure my pool was clean and the cover was on. I have been watching the thermometer waiting […]

1/3 of a mile

My knee has been starting to feel pretty good. If I try to I can make it hurt, such as by putting my left foot up on my right knee […]