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1/3 of a mile

My knee has been starting to feel pretty good. If I try to I can make it hurt, such as by putting my left foot up on my right knee while sitting down. If I lower my knee it will get me.  Still all in all it has begun to feel pretty good. So, after school I got home and changed into my running clothes and headed up Date Palm.  With some of my previous ailments, as I ran through them, I would hurt as I began a run and within a quarter mile it would begin to feel better. By a mile or so it would typically feel okay. Today, however, I felt great with my first steps. After 100 meters it began to ache, but I thought maybe it is just  a rough spot and it will feel better. By 1/3 mile it was hurting pretty good so I stopped and walked back.

Back in my garage it was already feeling okay. I saw my jump rope and gave it a try. Jumping rope, is mostly calves. I did 100 quick little jumps felt 99 percent okay.

Then I saw the weight bench that works as something I can jump up on. I gave it a try and it felt okay, so I did it again. On number 5 I started to feel it so I quit.

Tomorrow I am going to give shallow water pool running a try. I would try it now, but with the knee already a bit aggravated (and the Angel’s game on the tv) I figure I should go ahead and wait.

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