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I feel great except when I run

and when I cross my legs…..

It has been a few weeks since the LA Marathon. At first it hurt to walk. It hurt sometimes just sitting around. I got myself a prescription to go see Clay at Valley Physical Therapy….. again.  Clay pointed out when I got there that I have seen him 3 times officially, every other year: 2009, 2011, and 2013.  Clay checked me out and has found that in spite of all the stretching that I do, I am still pretty tight in certain areas. I am tight all the way down my backside, back (lats),  hamstrings, adductors and calves. I am so tight that I cannot do a proper squat. When I try, either my heels come way off the ground or I have to bend way forward. Clay gave me a stick and told me to keep it over my head – impossible.

Additionally, my glutes are really weak…. so I have some work to do.

One interesting thing about this injury, is that it does not hurt on the first steps of a run. I can run 100 meters or so and I gradually feel the side of the knee sort of start to burn. A couple of weeks ago, it was fairly sharp, so I think it is improving.

It is now becoming so long, that I have been off that I am starting to worry about loss of fitness. If it would warm back up a bit I would get back in the pool. I don’t know why I seem so hesitant to get on my bike.

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