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Getting my move on….

Cheryl and I got the tandem bike out of the garage after church and we went for a ride! It was not a very long ride. I think we did about 7.5 miles. But riding the tandem is sort of like driving a truck. The bike is heavy and the gears are set low, so you go slow. But with the wind and the hills we got a little work out of it.

Upon returning home I took my radio out into the backyard and hopped into the pool for a pool run. My goal was to keep running until the game finished or for 1 1/2 hours.  I did not quite make it.  I ran the mile equivalents counter clockwise first. The first one was pushing the leaf net, though there were not many leaves to scoop up. The second was easy. On the third I did “sprint” intervals. I ran one lap as hard as I could, then one easy. Then I ran 2 laps hard followed by 1 easy. Then 3, then 4, then 5, then 4, then 3, then 2 and finally 1. Each time I followed the hard laps with just one easy. I added 2 more 1 lap sprints to finish out the third mile equivalent.

Next, I grabbed the net and ran into the current, reversing the current to run clockwise. I then did the same easy mile and sprint interval mile. 6 miles were done but there was still a half hour of time or 2 innings to go. Next I ran a backwards mile equivalent, reversing the current one more time. I was starting another mile of sprints when I felt my right calf feel like it was going to cramp. I figured that was enough. I was done.


Still, 45 minutes of riding and more than an hour of pool running. Not too shabby!

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