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Clay threw the workout….

This morning I met Clay for an early morning workout at his clinic – Valley Physical Therapy.  He challenged me to 5 x 200m on the ski erg. He took it easy on the first rep and I beat him. He did his usual on the third, and while I improved – he won. He backed off on number 3, I improved some more and beat him for a 2 to 1 lead. On number 4 he did an unmatchable rep. I got half way through mine and realized that I could not match his so I backed off a little – 2 to 2.  On number 5 I could see him surging and coasting, setting the time just hard enough to make me really work to beat it – which I did.  Thanks Clay.  Oh, I should mention that between each 200m sprint we had to do 10 “pullups” (sort of diagonal, feet on the floor) and 10 pushups.

I was also at Clay’s for an official appt yesterday afternoon. He had me do some assisted squats and some hamstring work against resistance – Clay playing tug of war with my feet.  Then he got me on the treadmill and had me try some running. It was not pain free but after a while the pain almost went away. It was interesting that, while doing some uphill climbing, I noted that the pain occurred mostly in the toe push off phase of my stride. Then is when the calf is working hardest so the calf is likely the culprit to what is going on around my knee.  Seeing as how the knee pain started exactly when my calf strain pain disappeared – this would make sense.

This morning after the above workout I got back on the treadmill and ran a mile and a half. I felt almost normal. I started with a walk, went to a 6 mph pace on a 6 percent incline for a half mile, then I flattened it out and sped it up little by little. I got all the way up to marathon pace by the time I finished. I followed that up with a few minutes on the stair master. It was only a few minutes because – I died…. My legs were too fatigued to continue …..

I am pleased, though with how good the treadmill run felt…. Yeah!

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