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2 miles!!

I ran two miles today!  On the streets! Most of it felt okay! Woo Hoo!

First, though as you may have read, if you read Clay’s blog, that I met Clay for a workout at his clinic. He challenged me to some 300 meter sprints followed by 100 meter sprints on the ski erg. He set the bar low enough on the first rep that i beat him. But on the second one he put it out of reach. On number 3 he endeavored to put it right on the border. He did good, I almost tied him…. but alas, Clay won two of three.   In between each rep, by the way we had to do 10 pullups, 10 pushups and 10 ball throws. On the 100 meter reps, Clay was clearly better. His were 20.1, 20.0 and 19.8. Mine were 21.5. 21.5 and 22.9 (oops)

After the ski ergs we did our typical band walks, some inchworms and human dog sleds (this is where we pull each other back and forth across the parking lot.)

After school I laced up my running shoes and headed out with the Hillview distance runners. We were just doing an easy 2 miles in prep for tomorrows track meet. The first quarter mile felt fine. The second quarter mile had some knee pain. After that, the pain seemed to subside and the rest of the run felt fine. It did, however, feel way too hard for an easy 2 miler….. I have some work to do.

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