Feeling pretty good!!!!

This morning I headed out to the poppy preserve to join in on the High Desert Runners’ Poppy Trot run… Wait, “Poppy Trot run?” – that’s redundant…  There were 15 of us out there today. Alan Brown, Erik and Krysti Ruble, Vick Hess, Charles and Janet Dempsey, Joe and Kathy Diorio, Laurence and Michelle Arvidson, Jim Pandya, Claire Durand, Joel Lozano, (Joel’s friend who’s name I am forgetting) and of course me!  Joel and his friend actually road their road bikes out to the park, went for a run and then rode back again – impressive.

Vick, Eric, Krysti and I ran together. We did both of the loops around the preserve. We did just a little under 6 miles. We saw a snake!  And a poppy!  There are not many poppies out there this year….

My knee felt fine.  I did not have a noticeable warming up period to work through!

I am sore, however. My knee is not sore, it is my upper legs. Clay must have worked me too hard Thursday morning.

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