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Tri-district relays

Friday afternoon we had our first middle school track meet of the season. It was held at Antelope Valley High School. This meet is unusual in that it features only the mile, the 100 meter dash, the field events, and our two relays: 4 x 100 and 4 x 400.

In the 7th grade girls, we were expecting to have a hard time with Joe Walker as Joe Walker had a totally unbeatable XC team in this division this year. As expected the Joe Walker girls did well in the mile and the 4 x 400, but did not do so well elsewhere. Del Sur was the surprise team winning this division with a well rounded group of athletes. Hillview was second. We may be able to catch them as the season progresses.

In the 7th grade boys, Hillview was dominant. Leo Oliva ran away with the mile in 5:35. Bryce Webb was clsoe behind in third. One of boys- Christian Sears won the 100, high jump and long jump. Both relay teams won….

The 8th grade girls also won their division. We did not have any dominant athletes and we did not win any relays, but we were in contention in every event.

The 8th grade boys won as well. In the mile, Andrew Mitchell held on after starting too quickly (62s first lap) and won in 5:01.  Herschel Smith ran a more evenly paced race battling Joseph Biehl from Desert Christian. Herschel took 2nd in 5:06 with Joseph right behind in 5:07. Hillview’s Bryce Butler and Martin Plasencia were 4th and 5th. The boys had a fair showing in the field events and were caught right at the finish in the 4 x 100 relay.  In the 4 x 400, the 4 boys who ran the mile, ran away with the relay. They set a new school record in the 4 x 400 running a 4:10.  Andrew, Bryce, and Martin ran 63 seconds each and Herschel closed it in 61.

Go Hillview!

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