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Lots of hard work…..

My quads are feeling pretty tired this evening…. I actually think it is my own fault – those intervals in the pool on Sunday…. But I have not been taking it easy since then……

Monday afternoon I had my second to last appointment with Clay at Valley Physical Therapy. Clay had been working me toward decent squats. This time he had me doing the squats on one leg, with the other leg going out straight in front of me, with the assistance of a trx strap – my arms were helping me work it out.  Clay had me do it till my legs were wobbly.  Then I really blasted a 1 minute ski erg. and, well so on…..

This morning I got up and headed back to meet Clay for our Tuesday morning workout. The main part of this workout was 10 reps of 1 minute on the ski erg, alternating with push ups, ball throws, val slides and trx pull ups. The trick with the 1 minute reps was that we had to stay SLOWER than a 2:15 pace until the last 15 seconds and then we could sprint to the finish. If we strayed too fast we had to stop for 5 seconds. Still Clay was writing down the distances and making a contest out of it. Clay stayed ahead through the reps and eventually gave me 2 extra seconds of sprints. Still he remained ahead. On number 10 he gave me an extra 5 seconds to sprint. It was too much advantage, I caught him.

This evening I headed over to Joe Walker to lead the High Desert Runners track workout. I told the runners we’d focus on short and quick, that we’d do 4 x 5 minutes.  They looked at me with puzzled faces and then I explained that within each 5 minutes we’d do 200 meters fast alternating with 200 meters really slow. On the 3rd and 4th rep we alternated 100s. Lauren Duke showed up which was a really nice surprise. She was there with her daughter Taylor and one of Taylor’s friends. They will be competing against my Hillview kids at tomorrow’s track meet.

Once I completed the workout I headed over to Clay’s to see the Cave he has been blogging about.  He had me do some BIG rubber band assisted pull ups and an assortment of other stuff. Just a few reps on each though, so it was not too much.  The most fun was taking a 6 pound ball into the back yard and playing catch with it..

Thanks for all your help both as therapist and friend – Clay

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  1. You are welcome! It is nice having you to workout with. One of these day’s I will get you into a full squat.

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