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A couple of runs and a couple more workouts…..

Yesterday morning I met Clay at the clinic for a workout. Clay already blogged about it here…. One unusual thing we did was to sit on the little stools that the PTs use while working with their patients. The stools have wheels. We simply sat on them, with our feet out in front of us and used our feet to pull across the room, and throughout the office. My hamstrings were REALLY burning by the time I got back to the gym room ….

Yesterday evening, of course I went to Marie Kerr for the Run for Boston. yesterday I blogged about the event, but I did not really talk about my run. Lance was there and the two of us ran 3 laps around the park. I did not bring my Garmin and I did not time the run. We took it easy, although we did kind of pull away from everyone else….  Although, I think Lance was being patient and taking it easy on me. My knee went through what has become the standard rough patch. I was pain free for about a quarter mile, then it was tight and iffy for another quarter or half, and then it got better. The knee remained pain free for the rest of the run, but I was rather worn out as a whole by the time we were finished.

Oh, the Grand Total of donations for the run was a grand!  How did it come out to exactly a Grand? Well, the last person to donate had knowledge of the total and decided to round it off… pretty Monk like if you ask me….

Today, I ran with my Hillview kids. This was the first run with them since before Los Angeles. We are a couple of weeks out from our League Championship meet and I wanted to give them a tough workout. We ran down 45th to Ave N for a warm up. Then we ran back up 45th and N8 doing intervals of 3 min, 3 1/2 min, 30s, 2 min, 1 1/2 min and 1 minute.  I put the 30s interval out of order in order to time it that we would arrive at the light at 50th west at the end of the interval and would be able to cross the street during our recovery. I ran the intervals hard myself. The knee had finished its “warm up” so it felt fine. I was a bit surprised by how close I came to making it all the way from Ave N to Ave N8 on the initial 3 minute interval…… Herschel and a couple of the boys were WELL around the corner!

After practice, I headed over to Clay’s for my PT appointment. One thing Clay had me do was Romanian dead lifts. I think that is what he called them. He told me to do them, and I started and did a couple of sets of 10. He was working with another patient and Fran was supervising me. After two sets he said “Now do Romanian dead lifts.” I said, “Isn’t that what I’m doing?”  He explained that I had to lower the kettle bell by bending at the waist, not the knees. I had been bending at the knees and doing squats. So, I did a couple and he said they were good and I kept going and then he said they were bad….. I could not get them right. It turns out that I am so tight up my backside that, if I keep my back straight, I cannot bend it to a horizontal position, thus I must bend my knees to get the kettle bell to the ground… I admitted that if I put my face in the sink to wash, I feel like I am getting a good stretch in the hamstrings….  I have a lot of work to do to get my hamstrings, glutes, etc. loose enough to function properly…..

GOOD LUCK TO CLAY, KARL, KYRA AND COACH B on the 50 mile and 50 K races in Leona Valley tomorrow.  I am considering driving up the mountain to where Dave and others will be manning an aid station. I am hesitant to do so however…… I am concerned………. it may be contagious…..

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