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12 “miles” BPF run

Today was the perfect day for a run in the pool Nice and warm, but not too warm. One nice thing about running in a pool is that 80 degree weather and 80 degree water are comfortable. Your body has absolutely no problem dissipating heat. A few times I did squat a little lower into the water so that my shirt would get nice and wet. A wet shirt does wonders at keeping you cool – evaporation.

After the first mile I started doing my fast laps thing as I had done previously. I did not feel so much into them this time, however. So I did a mile of alternating 2 laps fast and one lap recovery. I reversed the current during lap 3 and did the same interval pattern on “mile” 4.  On mile 5 I reversed the current again. I kept this up every other mile for the rest of the workout.  As I ran, I was listening to the Angel’s baseball game. Rather than do a specific pattern of interval I decided to do a lap fast for every base that every batter achieved. I continued this for the rest of the run. Fortunately, it was a pitchers duel. There were just enough base runners to keep it interesting without making it too terribly hard. I ran in fear, however, that one team would get a couple of baserunners and then hit a home run right at the time I was reversing the current. Every time I reverse the current, as I run INTO the existing current, it takes a long time to do that first lap.  If some hit a 3 run homer at that time I would have to run a couple laps hard for the runner who scored from second, 3 laps hard for the runner who scored from first and four laps hard for the runner who hit the home run. If that were to happen at current reversing time, I would be in trouble….

My knee does really well in the pool I do not have the typical quarter mile warm up pain. I do, however, get a minor occasional achy-ness when running clockwise. The knee seems to like left turns better than right ones.

So, what do you suppose BPF stands for?

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