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Still feeling speedy :-)

I have no immediate plans for another half or full marathon.  I am planning on running a bunch of shorter races to see if maybe I can get that 6 minute mile this summer. Furthermore, my knee does not seem to be bothered by speed.  Sunday it got achy after 2 easy hours in the pool.  So tonight’s workout —-

By the way, there was a REAL good turnout for this workout. Let’s see who I can remember: Justin Koo, Vick Hess, Don Knight, Wolanski, Koz, Jen (a friend of Justin’s who has been a regular a few months now),  Anna (a new young lady who looks a lot like Jen,) Teresa (new, right behind me every interval) Krysti Ruble, Brock Ruble, Kristy Howell, Carol Disparte, Claire Durand, Alan Brown, Jessie Williams (for a few minutes –  he worked out earlier.)

So, the workout started with 90s counter clockwise, 1 minute recovery, then 90s clockwise back to the start line. 1 minute recovery, 90s counter clockwise again, 1 minute recovery and 90 more seconds back once again. It was a sort of 90s out and 90s back. The wind was strong so the “back” intervals were harder than than “outs.”  After the set of 4 we had a 3 minute recovery and regroup. Part two was another set of 4 at 75s each. Part 3 was a set of 4 60s groups. Part 4 includes 45 seconds and we finished with a set at 30s each (with only 30s in between.)

I got lots of complaints about the difficulty, so it was a great workout!

I ran a bit of a recovery and then headed quickly over to Clay’s cave.  Let’s see ….. he had me do 100 jump ropes, some box jumps, 2 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups, a couple sets of bench presses, squats and dead lifts.  We went out into the back yards and did all sorts of throws and catches with a 6 pound ball…. fun stuff… I am exhausted….. That is a good thing!

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