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Month: May 2013

Hot Jamba

The run was hot, the Jamba Juice was refreshingly frosty! ¬†About 20 kids, 1 parent, and 2 other teachers joined me for an end of the school year run to […]

Triple Tuesday

1)Hillview’s after school cross country club run. We did our 4 mile loop up to the aqueduct and back down again. We end up getting several breaks along the way […]

I don’t know squat….

Today, I had another workout/appointment with Clay at Valley Physical Therapy. These workouts can be broken down into 3 simple steps. Warm up – typically 10 minutes or so on […]

XC Season begins!

Wednesday, we finished out track season at Hillview. ¬†Thursday we had our first pre-season cross country club run. My strategy was to head the kid’s on a run to Jamba […]

Just another Hillview victory!

The league has one of those perpetual plaques. The kind where each year the winning school’s name gets added to the list. The plaque has Hillview written all over it. […]

back to PT and the pool

My official visits with Clay ran out a couple of weeks ago and it took a little time to get a prescription for more visits. I have been continuing to […]

Recovery Day

Today I am hurting…… The good news is that the source of pain is just sore adductors. Today I ran an easy 2 miler with the Hillview kids and did […]