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Cruise the Camp 5K

I was one of a bunch of High Desert Runners who headed out to “The Oaks”, a Christian Camp in the Lake Hughes area. There, we ran the 2nd annual Cruise the Camp 5k.  (maybe it is the 3rd annual…)  HDR runners spotted there included Grant Barnett, Krysti Ruble, Eric Ruble, Joe Diorio, Kathy Diorio, Connie Graham, Marv Powers, Scott Zeirman, Jesse Williams (volunteer), and Alan Brown (spectator?).

Having taken a whole month off, and still dealing with an occasional achy knee, I was not sure what to expect.  (Yesterday, I rested as my knee was a little achy most of the day.) My hope was to be able to go out and win my age group. I did not see many guys who looked to be my age, and those who did look to be the right age did not line up near the front so I had high hopes.

As the race took off I fell back to somewhere around 10th place. The course heads downhill a bit and circles the valley where the camp is located. It goes up for awhile and loops back by the start line. There was a group of us that remained pretty close together through the mile. In the 2nd mile the race headed to the north on a trail. The topographical course map they had on display at the start conveniently omitted the topographical lines for this section of the course.  It got pretty steep!  Here is the course elevation profile:

Cruise the Camp profile After the big uphill, of course was the big downhill. According to the profile above, the downhill was even steeper. Of course I Listerrolled by about 3 or 4 guys coming down. I finished in 24:11 .

The HDR group dominated the Masters level awards: 40-49 winners were Eric and Krysti Ruble, 50-59 winners were Kathy Diorio and myself,  60-69 winners were Joe Diorio and Connie Graham, and the 70 + winner was Marv Powers…. Grant Barnett finished one or two places behind me (he was one of those whom I Listerrolled) and was the 3rd finisher in the 30s age group. I got to talk to him a bit afterward. He is just getting started, coincidentally at the same age I got started 14 1/2 years ago!

Krysti was the first female finisher scoring 11 more points. She now has a 15 point lead on her husband and everyone else in the Grand Prix. My 6 points was enough to move me into 3rd place, just a few behind Erik.

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  1. I have never heard the word “Listerrolled”. I really like it! Congrats on your age group victory!

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