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back to PT and the pool

My official visits with Clay ran out a couple of weeks ago and it took a little time to get a prescription for more visits. I have been continuing to work with Clay at the Cave, but there are tightness issues we still need to work on. It is actually kind of odd. I am pretty good at some time on a regular basis, stretching, but it seems that my body does not stretch correctly.  I can touch my toes, but when I do, it is my back and pelvic tilt doing the reaching, while my hamstrings remain super tight. Clay has me try various stretches to do on my own, but my body seems to find ways to circumvent their purpose. So, in the clinic he gets a hold of me and stretches me literally by hand. In fact, today he had an assistant helping him pull, push and twist me into shape….. sometimes painful… but the reward will be worth it.

Afterwards, at home I hopped into the pool for another pool run. The Angels were playing (poorly) on the radio, so I had a nice distraction while I ran round and round the little oval pool. I continued for the equivalent of 8 miles. I used the game itself as impetus for a fartlek run. Like a couple weeks back – I ran one lap fast for every base every runner acquired throughout the time of my run.

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