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Tuesday: track meet, speed work + the cave

Today was the first part of the Tri-district League’s track championship. We competed at the track at Joe Walker middle school. We had finals for the high jump, the long jump, and the 800 meter. We had prelim heats for the 100, 200, and 400. I have not seen results yet. So more on this tomorrow.

My job, during track meets is to be the official timer. So, I was standing around the finish line from 2:30 to 5:30. After the meet ended I sat and relaxed for awhile and waited for the High Desert Runners crew. Today’s workout was 5 reps of 4 minutes each. I was definitely noticing the effect of the month off. Before, on a 4 minute interval, I was getting past 1000 meters. Today, they were in the 950 to 970 range…. still not too bad. Especially considering I felt dead before I started.

After the track workout, it was time to head over to Clay’s once again. I worked on my rope skipping. I am getting a little better and doing some double jumps. Then Clay had me do a 3 minute trial, throwing a 10 pound ball up and over the rafter, framework on his back patio. I forget how many throws and catches I completed, 72? Then I did some large rope waving, some assisted pullups, some squats with weight and some bench presses.

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  1. a 6# ball, you completed 79. I tried it after you left and got 77. ended up hitting the rafter 8 times so those did not count. Did manage 65 reps on bench with 63# in 3 min so we each have a win on the 3 min drills.

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