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XC Season begins!

Wednesday, we finished out track season at Hillview.  Thursday we had our first pre-season cross country club run. My strategy was to head the kid’s on a run to Jamba Juice. We invited some of the sprinters to join. Especially 6th and 7th grade girls. Especially 6th and 7th grade girls who were not quite fast enough to win any of the sprints, but who looked like they have the endurance, or at least the attitude to build the endurance the need for cross country. On one hand they got to participate in one of our most fun runs. On the other hand, these girls were tricked into going on a 4 + mile run they were not really trained for.  All of them stayed ahead of me for the first mile – a very good sign. All but two stayed ahead of me for the second mile – once again, a very good sign! The second half of the run was pretty slow, but my partner coach, Godfrey was riding along on his bike to keep an eye on them. It remains to be seen whether I encouraged them or scared them off…. probably a couple of each.

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