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I don’t know squat….

Today, I had another workout/appointment with Clay at Valley Physical Therapy. These workouts can be broken down into 3 simple steps.

  1. Warm up – typically 10 minutes or so on the exercise bicycle.
  2. Pain and Torture – er, I mean stretching. This is not me doing a stretch. Is Clay getting in some extra strength training by forcing my body parts into positions they have likely never gone before.
  3. Squats – I am getting better at doing these. I still have to prop up my heels just a bit, and I am still seem to lose balance as I get really deep into it. If I have something to pull on, or some sort of a weight in front of me as a counter balance, I can get pretty far down there….. After I did a bunch, Clay got out a kettle bell and had me do some more……  I read somewhere, this evening, that runners with a weak butt are prone to lots of injuries. Here is one example.  This article from lists the specific adaptations that the body makes and the injuries that are likely to result when the glutes are weak. As you can see I did some clicking around on the subject. Here is a article with videos with info on the importance of and how -to’s on strengthening your glutes.

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  1. I read this to Adam and Tania who were in my office this morning and we had a good laugh. You do know squat just not in it’s full capacity.

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