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Triple Tuesday

1)Hillview’s after school cross country club run. We did our 4 mile loop up to the aqueduct and back down again. We end up getting several breaks along the way when we do loop runs, in order to stay together…..

2) The High Desert Runners’ Tuesday night track workout – The first think I noticed as I arrived at the track tonight was the emptiness of the track, field and of the parking lot. The second thing I noticed was Matthew Bierowicz and  4 or 5 of the Quartz Hill boys doing laps around the track. There was only one group of soccer players, playing down at one end of the track so I decided it was a good day for partner intervals! I mentioned this to Justin Koo as we were warming up and he expressed his approval. Although, I immediately saw a flaw in my plan. (More on this later. ) At this moment, I was the 2nd fastest runner present. Therefore, I would have to partner with Justin. After a little more time, however, Zac Patten and Alexy Belikov showed up…  

Partner intervals are 400 meter repeats done with a partner. The first runner begins the workout running a lap. While runner 1 runs, runner 2 jog/walks across the field, gives their partner a high five going by and jog/walks back to the start line (middle of the straightway.) When runner 1 completes their lap, runner 2 does a lap while runner 1 does the walk across the field. The teams were Justin and Zac, Alexy and myself, Leonardo and Elias (Amargosa Creek runners), Krysti and Jesse, Angie and her son. Justin and Zac of course ran away with it. The A.C. boys took off in second. Alexy and I eventually caught them but the caught back up right as our 18 minutes ran out.

After the sets of 400 we did a similar workout running 200 meters each.  On the 200 set the AC boys faded leaving Alexy and I in a solid second place.

The aforementioned flaw was partering myself (or any other runner) with someone considerably faster. On the 400s, I was running around 92 or 93 seconds a lap. Alexy was closer 80 or 82. I would kill myself to do a fast lap and had too little time to get across and back. By the end of the workout, I was beat.

3) Clay’s Cave in –  Zac and I drove straight to Clay’s house for a strength workout. I did a little jump rope, and then Zac and I played catch and keep away throwing a 6 lb ball over a rope Clay had suspended over the back lawn. We went in and I did 15 and then 7 assisted pull ups. Next it was bench presses –  I managed 36 reps in a 3 minutes trial. Zac and I did some box jumps and then some squats with a weight on my shoulders. Then Clay had my try a little boxing – this was completely different for me. Then he had me try another exercise where I was flinging a weighted ball back and forth on either side of me, while laying on my back….

It has been a fun, exhausting day.

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