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Clay’s Memorial Day Trail Run

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21 Runners showed up for Clay’s impromptu Memorial Day trail run this morning! Friday, Clay suggested a trail run. He suggested Saturday, but since I was racing Sunday (yesterday) I suggested Monday instead. Clay agreed. I asked if I should invite anyone and he said to put it out there for the club. I posted it on facebook and sent out an email.  Here are the attendees: Angelica Reyes, Jim Haskett, Jeff, Jennie and Camden Smith, David Weary, Charles and Janet Dempsey, Star Ritzendollar, Leila Holmes, Joe and Harry Kim, Vic Hess, Don, Erin and Haley Knight, Mary Gawrys, Alan Brown and myself.   You may notice the absence of Clay’s name from the list – more info on that available here. 

After some instructions we took off with me in the lead. I did not really want to lead, but since I was the leader, I guess that is what everyone expected.  Tiffanie Marley was right behind me with Joel and David. The four of us seperated from the rest of the pack. This trail remains relatively flat and easy for almost two miles and then it goes past a water tank and begins a huge incline. Last time I ran this I remember walking on occasion trying to get up the grade. But today, with the group right behind me, I refused to walk. Eventually, Tiffanie went by and then Joel did as well, but I kept running all the way to the top.  Once up there, we waited a bit. Don Knight arrived next followed by Vic Hess and then Joe Kim.

We figured everyone else was turning back earlier so we headed back down. Tiffanie announced she was going to see how many she could catch. I told her “All of them.” David and I waited a bit longer and started down last. Maybe a quarter mile down we came upon Jim Haskett. Jim proceeded all the way to the top. Another mile or so down the hill we came upon Alan. Alan had missed the start of the run, but he was headed up the hill. On the way down, David and I pushed the pace a bit. We eventually caught Joe and then Vic.

My total time for the run turned out to be 7 minutes faster than last time I had run this trail.

Everyone said their thank yous and good byes, and headed home. Well, except David, Jim and I. We waited for Alan…..

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