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Loop the Schools Tempo Run

Sometimes I have to run my own workout and make my students run with me. If it is a serious workout most will have a hard time keeping up. After school, the kids and I got changed. We met on the back hill and I explained to them the good/bad news.  My personal goal was to run 6 miles at or faster than an 8 minute mile pace. I explained that we could not do a hill run or some big loop, or some out and back run – once I started, I was not going to be stopping. So, we had to run loops.

If you loop around Hillview and Rancho Vista schools you run a loop of  about 7/8 mile.  Running laps, I can keep tabs of everyone. I know whom I lap and who may lap me.  I ran 6 1/2 laps – about 10K – in just under 48 minutes! My top 7th grade boy Leo was the only runner who remained ahead of me and completed 7 loops. A few remained close enough to me to complete the 6 1/2. Some were lapped once and some were lapped twice…..

Yesterday, Jeff Smith introduced me to ,,,, Check it out. You post your gps trax of your runs or rides. It compares your runs and rides with others who have run or ridden the same route. You can designate a particular section – like the 4 mile uphill of Monday’s run, and if someone else posts a run that includes that same section, their time will be compared to yours!  Speaking of that 4 mile hill – who is going to go out there and go beat me?

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