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Cruising Version 6.0

While on the cruise described below, I had no internet so below is one of the posts I wrote during the cruise, but had to wait till now to post.

Sunday, June 9 – Cruising 6.1

Today I begin my 6th cruise. The embarkation port: Boston. We flew overnight as has become my custom and took the T to the cruise terminal.


Once on board we had some lunch and checked out the Carnival Glory. Since I had not had time to run on Saturday before heading to the airport I felt like I needed to get in a run. So, as we waited to sail I changed into my running clothes and headed up to Deck 11.


One drawback of this ship as compared to some of the others I have sailed on is that the running track was very small.

The sign said that it was ____________ meters per lap and that 9 laps would be a bit more than one mile. Since we were still in port and many people were out and about, I had to do quite a bit of weaving  around walkers. It turned out that 34 laps came out to be 4 miles.

Monday, June 10 – Cruising 6.2

After one really nice night of sleep (not much sleep Saturday night on the plane) we awoke in Portland Maine. We got lots of walking in as we explored the city. We took a tour of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s childhood home. We could not get pictures inside the centuries old home, but we did take a few in the little garden.


We also toured a Victorian style mansion that seemed to be missing a back porch.IMG_2473

There was also a cool little railroad ride which went along the shoreline.


It was REALLY slow. We were barely able to pass this runner.20130610_141545

Finally we climbed to the top of the hill within the city and climbed 100 + stairs to see a beautiful view!


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