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Cruising 6.3

While on the cruise described below, I had no internet so below is one of the posts I wrote during the cruise, but had to wait till now to post.

Tuesday, June 11 – Cruising 6.3

This morning we woke up in Canada – St John, New Brunswick, Canada to be specific. We hurried off the ship and caught an excursion we had purchased through the ship line. Our excursion took us up the coast a little farther to a small town called St. Martin. Now let me interject here, St. John, St. Martin, you might think I am reminiscing of Cruise 4.0 which I took in the Caribbean, but no, these are the names of the towns in New Brunswick, Canada.

The highlight of St Martin and the whole area, the Bay of Fundy, is very unusual differences between high and low tides. The bay is shaped like an arrow head with the big end opening up to the Atlantic. The current in the Atlantic comes north along the coast of America and pushes into this bay. Consequently when tides come in, the also come up to the point of the bay. All that volume of water stacks up higher and higher. When tides go out, the REALLY go out.


I recall seeing pictures like this on tv shows, but I had to see it to believe it. The cool thing about St Martin is that they have these see caves. They are underwater at high tide and empty at low tide. We had the good fortune of being there just after low tide.



One other cool thing about St Martin is that it may be the only place in the world where two covered bridges can be photographed together.


They also had this cool lighthouse with really steep stairs.


After our excursion we wandered about the town of St. John for awhile.IMG_2493

Other than some funky statues we did not find too much there so we headed back to the ship. It was only 2 pm, and there was still one thing I wanted to see. I had read that they had reversing waterfalls. The incoming tide was so high and so strong that the river flowing into town reverses flow every day. I knew from my reading that they were not far away, but we had not been able to get there without hiring a taxi or paying for a whole separate excursion. So, seeing as how it was still early, the ship was open till 4:30…. I put on my running clothes and decided to run for it!

In the terminal I got some basic directions: “Go that way, you will see a pink side walk. Follow the pink side walk. It is about 4 kilometers.” So, off I went. At first I did not find the pink sidewalk but some locals at a street corner pointed it out. I headed along a nice separate bike path along the shoreline. I encountered a gate. It was open, but I noticed a walker veer to go around the area fenced in with the open gate. But, since the gate was open I ran through it. A short while later I encountered a second gate and it was locked. I figured that the walker had known about this locked gate and he was going around the area I had just ran through. The chain on the gate was loose enough I squeezed through it. I ran just 50 meters farter before encountering a construction worker. I apologized, and he pointed me to an open gate to lead me out of his construction zone. Once out of the gate I was back on the pink path and I ran ahead to the reversing falls.

They were quite unimpressive

. 20130611_142959

You can see the current flowing from left to right, which is upstream, but you have to be there at full high tide to get turbulence in the water.


One of the other visitors there took my photo.


On the way back I took my own photo with the cruise ship in the background.

I tried to run around the construction zone, but somehow found myself within it on my way back. Fortunately, another friendly worker pointed out a path (actually some railroad tracks) that lead me on my way. I was back on the ship with an hour to spare. The total run was only 4.5 miles. It took me about 37 minutes in spite of all the starts, stops, and diversions. My wife was very happy to have me back on the ship after my little running adventure……

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