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Cruising 6.4

Wednesday, June 12 – Cruising 6.4

Sea Day! The list of things to do aboard the Carnival Glory has not been very impressive. Cheryl and I, had breakfast with friends Connie and Dan. We perused the list and did not find anything we really wanted to do before noon. So we played some cards in the restaurant. We had a nice window seat on deck 9. We watched the ship sail across the sea. Well actually we watched the ship sail through a cloud. It was a bit foggy. Every few minutes the ship blew its horn.

Sometime after 10 we all headed up to the jogging track for a run and or walk.My wife Cheryl is not a runner, neither is my friend Dan. Connie, Dan’s wife Connie works with me at Hillview. She is one of my very first runner friends.  Back in 1998 she, Christian and I were on the same team, meaning we had the same group of 6th grade students. I started running in order to lose weight. Christian started running a bit to keep up with his daughter who was running for Desert Christian School. We started talking about running and found that Connie had been running for years. Connie ran 4 or so days a week, always 4 miles, always with the same running friend.

When I started, I made a bet with my wife. I wanted to go on a cruise and she wanted to save money. We had a flyer for the cruise out of LA going to San Diego, Catalina and Ensenada. I suggested that if I got to a 34” waist we would go and she answered a sarcastic, sure! Instead of dieting I ran. It was October of 1998. I remember seeing a billboard on Palmdale Blvd advertising the Los Angeles Marathon. I figured that October to March was enough time to train so I signed up. March 1999 I ran my very first race, the Los Angeles marathon. It took me just under 4 1/2 hours. The next year Connie decided to run it as well She does not race often, but when she does she usually places in her age division.

Deck 11 was pretty cold and windy as the four of us set out to do some laps. Cheryl’s goal was 18 laps – 2 miles. Dan’s goal was the same. My goal was to run at least twice as far as the two of them. I am not sure if Connie had a goal. She ran some and walked some. Like I said, though, it was very cold and windy


Connie looks like she is really moving…


A little cold, wind and fog dampened my shirt, but not my spirit….


I wore my Garmin to see how “fast” I could run my workout. Of course, the speed of the ship affected the speed the Garmin thought I was running. The problem was that every time I ran toward the back of the ship the Garmin lost the satellite signal. It picked the signal back up at the back of the ship. I ended up with a broken wave pattern from the GPS.

running on water

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