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Cruising 6.5

Thursday, June 13 – Cruising 6.5

Today we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I did not run today, but we got in a nice bike ride.

(pictures will be forthcoming)

We also wandered about the town taking in the Halifax Maritime Museum, famous for its exhibit on the Titanic. It seems ships from Halifax were assigned the unfortunate task of finding and retrieving as many bodies as possible. The did find some other stuff, though, like this deck chair:


(okay, this one is a replica of the real one they had on display.)

Friday, June 14 – Cruising 6.6

Today we arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I did not run today, either. We took a tour to a small town where Alexander Graham Bell lived in his later years, after inventing the telephone. We toured a museum there that focus on him and his many achievements and inventions.

On the way back to the ship I was distracted by a giant fiddle.


I was so distracted that I was tackled by a bear!


With Cheryl’s help though we befriended the bear and he posed for a picture…


Saturday, June 15 – Cruising 6.7

Today we were once again at sea as the ship made its way back to Boston……

Monday and Tuesday June 17 – 18

In 2010 I ran the Boston Marathon. The day after, Justin Patananan and I walked a little bit of the Freedom Trail. We covered the Boston Commons, The newer state house, two cemeteries and King’s Chapel. There I ran into a friend from Georgia, Anthony and we headed to the prudential tower for the skywalk.

In 2012 I ran the Boston Marathon again. Justin and I continued our tour of the Freedom trail. We covered the Old State House, we toured Paul Revere’s house, we saw the old North Church and made it all the way to old Ironsides. We had a quick glance at the museum before having to head back.

Also in 2012, Cheryl and I were in Boston as one of our ports on a cruise that began elsewhere. Cheryl and I started at Boston commons and made it as far as the old North Church before running out of time.

My biggest goal of these last two days has been to finish the trail. Cheryl, Connie, Dan and I started once again at the beginning at we thoroughly covered Boston Commons (and the Boston Public Gardens), the Kings Chapel, three cemeteries, The King’s Chapel, The old state house (with two docent led walks), The Old South Meeting House, Fenuil Hall, The Paul Revere house tour, The Old North Church, Bunker Hill, the museum at Old Ironsides, but alas today, Old Ironsides was closed….

We did get a couple of bonuses, however. Every year on June 17, they reinaugurate the Bunker Hill memorial. There were reinactors there! We also stumbled upon a pub where Paul Revere used to hang out. We had lunch there. Enjoy the slide show…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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