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Boston Strong – Cruising 6.8

Sunday, June 16 – Boston Strong

After my 8k race adventure we headed back to our hotel to shower and change. Our hotel, the Boston Sheraton is connected to the Prudential Center which is the shopping center just a block or so from the end of the Boston Marathon. Since it was lunch time we headed to the food court than out the front door to go exploring. I figured I would show my wife and friends where the Boston Marathon finishes.

A couple of blocks away we began to notice a lot of activity on the left side of the road. Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis…… there was this endless row of expensive sports cars pulling up and parking on the side of the road. There was a police presence helping them to park, helping traffic to keep moving and providing crowd control. We crossed over the road for a closer look. Most of the cars had decals on the front window saying something about Boston’s “One Fund” fund, the charity which is raising funds to help with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. I was touched. I do not imagine that many expensive sports car enthusiasts are runners, but here they were out there in support of the city, in support of the sport, and in support of our freedom to gather and to do big public things!  I could not resist at least one pose with this nice yellow Ferrari.IMG_2549

The very next block was where the marathon finishes, where the bombing happened. This note was attached to a tree.


And this sign was posted in Marathon Sports’ window. I am not sure exactly where the bomb went off, but it looked like it must have been right in front of this running gear store.


Here is the view from across the street, showing the finish line.


As you walk past the finish line, heading down Boylston, you pass the public Library. The next block is a small park area called Copley square. During the marathon this is where there are big tents for the elite runners. This is where Adidas sells Boston Marathon gear. This is where there is a permanent exhibit with statues and a sidewalk marathon course map in honor of the marathon.

In this square today stands a remembrance. The people who have visited the marathon finish area have erected a make shift memorial to remember and honor those affected by what happened there. This is no ordinary cross and flowers on the side of the road, though there are crosses and there are flowers. Much more than either of these, though, there are shoes! Thousands of pairs of running shoes have been tied onto the barricade, mixed in with signs of love and support.








I stood and stared. I took these few pictures. I wished I had something I could add but I had no such thing. I was glad I was part of the High Desert Runners donation. Being a runner, being an American, having actually run twice across that famous finish line, I felt somehow encouraged, yet saddened, strangely connected to it all.

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